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Mercury opposite Saturn

Inner Fears

Kelli Fox

Just one question: Was it uncomfortable in that niche your lovers squished you into? You're a person of serious dreams and plans, a little turgid, perhaps, but you do manage to make at least some of your ambitions come to fruition. But whenever you would start to talk over your heart's desires with your lovers, you'd get squelched.

'Oh, you'll never do that.' 'That's ridiculous.' 'No one would want to buy that.' Sound familiar? Your so-called sweetie tended to see you as flighty and flaky, and to relate to you like you were a silly child rather than an adult to be taken seriously. No wonder it didn't work out.Funny thing is, that person across the table was really a manifestation of your inner fears. What if they were right? Perhaps you stayed with them -- or found a new one just like them -- because they echoed your inner voice, the one that's always told you, 'You can't do it.' Here's the crux of the matter: Instead of laying these negative thoughts on your partner, address those fears within yourself and get over them. Make yourself mentally strong. This will leave you free to search for a lover who's a solid source of support, and who loves being lightened up by your presence.

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