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Mercury opposite Neptune

Loose Lips

Kelli Fox

Are you sitting down? Here's a news flash: Past lovers see you as a great big blabbermouth. You handed them the microphone and invited them to share.

They trusted you to be the repository of their most private, heartfelt dreams, hopes and secrets. Then, you turned around and divulged them all to the next pair of ears who would listen. It hurt them. It was betrayal, and you knew it. And yet you couldn't seem to stop doing it, even though you knew you were misbehaving. Your lovers were sweet, optimistic and certainly stuck on you. But all the drifty dreaminess drove you simply mad; the missed appointments, the crossed signals. The truly funny thing is, it was you, not them, who created this problem. Don't depend on logic to find your ideal mate. You're particularly vulnerable to confused thinking. Instead, make a list of the most important qualities you want in a partner, and drag out the list when you encounter a likely candidate. Let that be your tip of the hat to your brain. Then, follow your heart.

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