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Mercury opposite Mars

Hair-Trigger Temper

Kelli Fox

What a crank you are! Picky, combative, aggro: If it weren't for fighting, you wouldn't talk at all. OK, OK, that's not strictly true, but there is an awful lot of friction in your relationships.

You see your lovers as aggressive and too hair-trigger; they see you as grandiose and yappy, like a little dog with a big bark. It's likely that when your frequent fights occurred, previous partners just wanted to come up with a quick solution and then move on, while you wanted to belabor the point. All-night bitch sessions were -- notice the past tense -- your specialty, were they not? And your lovers' response was to storm off and slam doors? Neither of you had any patience, and when you got started on one of your fighting jags, they could last for days -- or weeks! But hey, on the plus side, you've got all the ingredients for lively relationships. You need to pick yourself an equal. No wilting lilies for you; you must chose a lover who can keep up with you in every way. And ultimately, the challenge is worth it. The key to calming your emotional storms is patience. If you can learn to slow down, calm down, listen to others and form compromises instead of issuing orders, you're in for one hell of a ride.

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