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Mercury in Sagittarius

Curbing the Blurting

Kelli Fox

There's a conveyer belt between your brain and your mouth, and unfortunately it lacks a filter. Consequently, any thought that enters your mind immediately ushers forth from your lips, much to the shock and dismay of those around you. You certainly didn't mean to offend anyone; you were simply stating the obvious truth -- well, obvious to you, anyway.

While it's true that honesty is the best policy, it's not necessary to blow others out of the water with it. And thus spoke many of your past lovers, no?There's so much hope for you. You're awfully curious and eager to explore all sorts of subjects, which makes you a delight to talk to. You're well-informed on so many subjects and make weird and wonderful connections between them. This is not the area where your relational communications problems lie. You're so used to checking out the big picture that little details often escape you, and you don't always listen very well, either. Your ideal partner will command your attention, and you'll learn to preview your comments to see in advance how they might go over. This little step will provide big rewards in your love life.

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