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Mercury in Pisces

Smoke Signals

Kelli Fox

Ah, your mind is in a fog so much of the time, all wrapped up in a pretty world of your own design. That pink smoke is lovely, all right, but it certainly causes confusion in your relationships. It's not so much how you express yourself -- beautifully, imaginatively -- as your mistaken perceptions of other people's feelings.

You're just so sure that they're feeling as sweet and syrupy as you are; you're only sorry that they're so wound up that they can't express it. Imagine your shock when they do express their feelings, which will be mostly frustration at the sloppy ways in which you communicate. Smoke signals and mental telepathy just doesn't work these days. Paint the picture, write the poem, express your love. And then put your dream aside and talk honestly with your lover. How do they feel? What do they want? Why do they love you? Repeat back to them so they can confirm that you've heard them correctly. Paying careful attention to what they're saying instead of what you think they're saying will sustain your honest relationships, and those are the best ones.

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