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Mercury in Libra

Silver Tongue

Kelli Fox

Like the best diplomats, you've had plenty of training in how to say difficult things so nicely that the other guy doesn't even know he's getting bad news. You turn on the charm and spin your tale so eloquently that you've got everyone around the table nodding and smiling, and at the end of the meal, they even pick up the check. It's only later, when they're scratching their heads over the things you said, that they realize they've been duped.

If your previous lovers feel this way en masse, then you lose your Get Out of Jail Free card. You've got some 'splainin to do!Of course, you don't really mean those little white lies, and you really do forget the fine-print details when you're trying to win someone over to your side. And yes, it truly would be next to impossible for you to present a clear, bare-bones, direct and accurate description of your viewpoint. But for the sake of everyone who isn't inside your head or heart, would you please give it a try?

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