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Mercury in Leo

I've Got the Microphone

Kelli Fox

Isn't it great, always being right? You're so confident of your ideas, so inspiring in your speech, so convincing to others, that there's really no reason for anyone else to hold the microphone, is there? You may as well keep it, because as soon as you're finished expressing yourself, you're going to direct the group in what to do next.

That's why your past lovers have nicknamed you 'Sarge.' Which, frankly, works for you. That way, fewer people challenge you, because you don't like being challenged. Just who do they think they are, anyway? Well, maybe they're someone important to you who just happens to think a little differently. They're not trying to shoot you down, despite what you think. They're just questioning one of your unquestioned concepts, and it would be to your benefit if you would listen. If you didn't cling so stubbornly to your own ideas, you could expand your mind with some new ones.

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