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Mercury in Gemini

Fast Talker

Kelli Fox

You talk a lot, but are you really saying anything? You think fast and speak faster, anxious to get your many thoughts out before any of them slip away. A glutton for information, you read everything you can get your hands on, with no discrimination whatsoever.

It's information for information's sake. Your restless mind and undisciplined tongue have gotten you in trouble in your past relationships, and no wonder. When you don't listen, others get annoyed. People become irritated with your short little span of attention, and partners tire of tripping over all the books you've started but not finished. In conversation, your wandering eye reveals your boredom.There's not much you can do to change your energetic, active mind, but you can certainly divert it. Exercise a lot and you'll be less nervous. Take up a craft like knitting or woodworking to keep your fingers busy. Fortunately, you're good at meeting people, and social interaction is another way to entertain your mind, if you develop a few simple social skills. Your ideal partner will be as intelligent as you are. You'll be friends before you're lovers -- and maybe afterwards, too.

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