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Mercury in Capricorn

Corporate Communication Strategy

Kelli Fox

Corporate structure? Chains of command? You grasp these concepts all too well.

Trouble is, you've tried to import them into your relationships, and as you now realize, it hasn't been a very successful strategy. As a matter of fact, it's been a disaster! Past lovers have tried to complain about your need to always be right, and you stared at them blankly, uncomprehending. Or worse yet, when they tried to explain their feelings, you rolled your eyes at their emotional display. And when they huffed off, you were left holding the empty bag of your relationship. Hmm, who's in charge now?There's a better way. Buried under your hardworking intellect is a warm heart to which you give precious little expression. From time to time it's a good idea to lock the analytical mind off into a closet somewhere and hide the key. Give your softer side a chance to come out. Take a stab at telling someone close how you feel. It will seem like a foreign language at first, but one that your partner readily understands, and delights in.

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