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Mercury in Cancer

The Cat Has Your Tongue

Kelli Fox

Stopped talking again, did you? Did the cat get your tongue? Oh, we know you're the master of nonverbal communication.

Past partners have all felt it. You wouldn't talk, but you felled them with your 'evil eye' glance, or rejected them soundly with your cold shoulder and huffy exit. Body language speaks volumes, after all. There was no question in your mind that they understood exactly how you felt. You wouldn't actually tell anyone what set you off; you expected them to know. It was in those situations when you felt threatened or even the tiniest bit unsafe that you clammed up and held back the very words you should have been speaking. Past partners eventually gave up trying to unravel the puzzle of your emotions.But you know what? The people in your life prefer direct communication. Believe it or not, they really do want to know just how you feel -- but they want you to tell them outright. Yes, your thinking is all balled up with your emotions, but with practice and support, you can learn to express them to those you love.

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