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Mercury in Aquarius

Talking Head

Kelli Fox

Let's be honest. You're a lot smarter than everyone else. You've left a lot of people, past partners included, choking on the dust of your warp-speed, far-reaching thought processes.

If anyone dared challenge your ideas, you silenced them with a withering glare and a very funny yet pointed joke. While other people were stuck in 'what's always been,' your radical mind was reaching forward to the most unusual, unconventional theories. The further out, the better, as far as you were concerned. And you'd talk about them anywhere; at the dinner table, at a party, in bed. No wonder your lovers felt like stuffing a sock in your mouth.There's a time and a place for everything. Sooner or later you'll find an ideal partner who is as intelligent and articulate as you are, which may find you stumbling over your words. What's more, their ideas may not all agree with yours. So you'll have a choice: develop a little mental flexibility, entertain some new concepts and possibly adjust your own; or spend even more time isolated in your ivory tower of thoughts, all alone.

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