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Mars unaspected


Kelli Fox

Problems in your relationships? In your case, they could stem from a couple of different possible character, uh, peculiarities. For one thing, you're extremely passionate on the physical level, and you're not so good at controlling this passion, which can reveal itself not only in lust but in temper.

Unbridled lust and unreined temper -- neither quality is likely to be particularly endearing to potential partners. In any event, you're quite the intense person, and so independent that you scare, threaten or bulldoze others right away -- so even if you successfully initiate a relationship, the other person could end up running away sooner rather than later. You also tend to keep yourself awfully busy, taking on too many projects and agreeing to too many deadlines. Just finding the time for a relationship can be challenging for you. In short, you're going to have to rein in some of your more extreme patterns of behavior before you find success in love, and that's not going to be easy for you to do.

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