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Mars square Saturn

Holding Out on Love

Kelli Fox

First things first: Who's been holding out in the love department? Signs point to your past partners, who've been stingy with affection at the best of times. But certain developments have practically shut the store down, and whether you're with a partner or not, you're starving for physical contact.

You'll go far trying woo any sweetie within reaching distance, but it's to no avail: They're better than you at playing mind games. You're outmatched. You're going to have to iron out your problems if you'd like to move along through this field of broken dreams. One thing you should know: Much of the reason why you're off your game is that you're enacting old dramas from your past. Just who can you think of who withheld love from you in your childhood? And how did you behave, given your high hopes of evening the score? Now do you recognize why you've become what you are? You've got to start unloading your baggage, one piece a time, before you can unwind the Gordian knot of your woes. If you change your behavior, you'll change your relationships, too. But first you have some deep thinking to do.

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