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Mars square Pluto

Jealous Attraction

Kelli Fox

Green has never really suited you. You couldn't help but be so jealous of your past sweeties -- you demanded every bit of their free time, you didn't approve of your their friends. And around the edges of your consciousness lurked the suspicion that you weren't the only one your lover had on a string.

It's only natural that you felt that way. You kept choosing lovers with strength: powerful and intense, willful and secretive. Even when there wasn't something unsavory going on, they were apt to withhold information, affection, reassurance. You were left dangling on a string, wondering if you were the only one madly in love.Buck up. Part of the reason you picked those lovers is because you're turned on by the challenge. While other lovers may fall under your spell and allow themselves to be wrapped around your little finger, you prefer a lover who's a much harder nut to crack. You won't be able to control the situation -- but that burning, passionate intensity is what you crave. Tone down your jealous streak. Be a little more savvy when revealing your emotions. An ability to keep your cool is what's going to keep your ideal love relationship on track -- and you're a lot more attractive with a little mystery around you, anyway.

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  1. Sameer Kassamali Rajani. on May 2, 2018 at 10:11 pm

    Everything I’ve read in my relationships report is true. Especially relating to the last lady I had feelings for. She was kinda tomboyish. She was a Leo/cancer. She was also born in the year of the Chinese zodiac sign of the pig whereas me the snake which spelt trouble. I knew this but still went ahead with it. To this day she is sinfully sexy and cute. But little did I know the pig would bring this much trouble into the snakes life. Now for 13 years I understand she’s either separated me from my mother or for 13 years she’s been trying to. It’s hard to tell I’ve been hearing a ghost who sounds like my mother screaming Sameer Sameer as if she needs help but don’t’t know where to find her. Speak of trouble huh. Well this Sareena Rajwani had truly damned me for the last 13 years. And I just recently discovered she is a pathological liar, she makes up lies and believes them too. Too hard to make her see things like a normal person.. She is messed up. And her uncle in Texas, U. S. A fondled her when she was a child. A real troublesome girl. If you have any suggestions Kelli Fox as to what I should do, especially regarding that poor woman asking for me please advise.
    Thank you,
    Sameer Kassamali Rajani.

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