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Mars square Neptune

Passion and Paranoia

Kelli Fox

Hmm, you've been in some pretty odd pairings. Assertive forces linked with watery dreamers. Opposites attract, don't they?

It's likely you've been befuddled and bewitched by your lovers' mysteries. You couldn't see clearly where the two of you were, and it tweaked both your ego and your intellect. That's all fine and good, but there's been a dark side to your relationships. One or both of you repeated unhealthy patterns, bringing leftovers from the past into your present. There may have been issues around addictions -- to substances or to unwholesome behavior of many kinds. But worst of all, your relationships were insubstantial, misty, a thing composed of passionate nights that crumbled to dust under day-to-day stresses.You must learn to let some sunlight into your relationships. Stop subsisting on passion alone, and start actually getting to know the lovers you choose. Talk about your dreams; make plans. Make sure you're both moving in the same direction. Your ideal relationship could bring out the very best in you, but you've got to be willing to put in some work instead of just drifting along like two balloons buffeted by every wind.

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