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Mars square Jupiter

Bringing Out the Best

Kelli Fox

There's something unhealthy about your relationships, and you're just beginning to figure things out. What are the unsavory acts or emotions your past lovers have triggered in you? Your worst side has been emphasized in the presence of your lovers; you became more aggressive, temperamental, egotistical and impatient, while their tendencies toward laziness and excess seemed to swell when you were around.

You may still be paying off the accumulated debt you accrued with past partners (perhaps credit card debt, gained from your tendency to spend too much on fripperies), and you may still have difficulty keeping to a budget. Even worse, your sharply dissonant views on matters like beliefs, ethics, politics and education meant that you had difficulty finding common ground with past partners.Nonetheless, opportunities abound for a fine connection. You have a certain drive and passion, and are openhearted and loving. Potential lovers surround you. If you can find a way to compromise, a way to look past the differences you have and create new habits that serve you both rather than creating problems, then you can have a very solid and sweet relationship indeed.

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