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Mars opposite Pluto

Balance of Power

Kelli Fox

Hey, jealous lover! You've assumed the role of a punitive first-grade teacher: standing over your lovers, shaking your finger at their naughty behavior, hectoring and blustering. Unfortunately, in order to avoid your lectures, your lovers turned down their hearing aids.

So why did you bother to express yourself so forcefully and frequently when no one was listening? You bickered over small things to avoid talking about the Great Big Thing neither of you wanted to face. But hiding your head in the sand got you exactly nowhere. It's time facts were faced, and obstacles looked at more truthfully.You may have picked lovers who weren't particularly well-matched for you. While you are all speed and action and energy, you're attracted to lovers who are dark, secretive, maybe even a bit cruel. But something in you craves the abuse and invites the ill treatment. What you need to find is balance. You need to be getting as much as you give -- so if you find you're not receiving enough affection and attention from someone, resolve to put your energies elsewhere. It's not game-playing -- it's just that you need to dial down your emotions a bit to achieve a more balanced love life.

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