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Mars in Taurus

Snuggle Puppy

Kelli Fox

Once you get going, you're fine. But getting yourself out of bed in the morning? That's a different story!

It can sometimes be a Herculean task. Unless, of course, your lover is making a nice breakfast for you. That makes it a lot easier! Nothing gets you moving faster than the idea of some sensual temptation. Past lovers have all gained twenty pounds with you around, but oh, the memories! They'll feed the soul for many years to come. That's because you're master of the sensual plane. You appreciate earthly goods like no other, and it's hard to resist the pleasures you offer.Earthly pleasures clearly include physical affection, and you've got this all figured out. You're warm and snuggly, strong and solid, and those you like best come right on over for a big hug. The sad fact is that your inclination to always seek pleasure gets a little old to your partners. You're mighty self-indulgent and they don't always approve. You shrug and buy the next-larger size of jeans, but they give you 'that' look -- the one that lets you know they're disappointed in you for your lack of self-discipline. It's in you to do it their way, as long as you can have a cookie after dinner.

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