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Mars in Scorpio

Burning Desire

Kelli Fox

You're kind of scary sometimes. That look in your eye, your drive, your intensity and your determination have all frightened away more than one lover in your past. They found you a little too much to handle.

Come to think of it, your anger issues might have played a part, too. Not that you're easy to anger; not at all. It takes a lot to piss you off, but once you're there, your rages are towering! It's hugely important that you express that anger, because keeping it all inside will make you sick in the long run. Besides, your posture suffers when you've got such a big chip on your shoulder. So, what about your love life? Your sex drive is so strong that you're usually not between relationships for long. In fact, you've probably found sex to be the perfect vehicle for your control issues; you withhold it when you're upset and insist on it when you're not. You offer extreme fidelity and insist on it in your partner. If you can overcome those control issues and come to view your relationship as a safe haven, it will provide a wonderful place to escape from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. And that's something we all need.

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