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Mars in Sagittarius

Room to Move

Kelli Fox

You're the type who prefers to date more than one person at a time. Despite the logistical difficulties this presents, it protects you from having to make a commitment to just one person, which is something you dread. You know your own nature and how easily you get bored: The idea of being with just one person for the rest of your life can be truly terrifying.

You avoid this by keeping a good-sized stable of potential dates available at all times; your black book is bulging with numbers. Your sex life is lively, but little more than a series of casual romps in the hay; you don't quite understand it when other people talk about transformational sex.Life is an adventure and love is a part thereof. This is your life philosophy and not much can change it. What impact will this have on your future love life? Well, what you need is someone who's as fun loving and adventurous as you are. Someone who's not afraid to try new positions -- or new locations -- every time, and in this way, spice up your love life so you're each interested in no other. An impossible task, you claim? Absolutely not! After all, you're not the only freedom-loving fish in the sea.

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