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Mars in Pisces

Passive Attraction

Kelli Fox

Your previous lovers have all had the same complaint: They were always the one to initiate sex. If they had waited around for you to do it, they'd still be waiting! It's not that you don't like sex, because you do, a lot.

That dreamy, sensual space between time and reality is one of your favorite places to be; why then is it so hard for you to send a signal to your lover that you're ready to hop in the sack with them? Maybe if they weren't so gosh-darned aggressive, they'd give you a chance.Your ideal lover will realize this about you, and won't put any pressure on you to perform when you don't feel like it. You tire easily, so often it's better for you to wait till the morning, or at least until you've had a nap. You, more than most, are not at your best when you're exhausted. Once you find a lover who lets you set the schedule, who provides some sort of stability to your dreaminess and who shares their heart as well as their body, you both will be in happy land. Finally, a relationship with all of the joys and none of the pressures.

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