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Mars in Libra

Make Love, Not War

Kelli Fox

Not deciding is deciding not to. While you dilly-dally, gathering facts and weighing all the options, the choice passes you by, going to someone more decisive and direct. How many suitable partners have you passed up this way?

Who got tired of waiting around while you worked up the gumption to let them know how you felt? And who has accused you of being dishonest because you hesitate to express your anger, preferring instead to pretend everything's fine when clearly it's not?You've got yourself in a bind. Although your indecision doesn't seem so earth-shattering from moment to moment, the cost is higher than you'd like to admit. And since you avoid confrontation like the plague, you always stick to cooperation and compromise; this, too, has its problems. What to do? Well, some assertiveness training might help. Even just taking the risk of speaking your mind clearly, without considering how anyone else might feel about it, would be a beneficial and revealing first step. Imagine that! They didn't go belly-up when you disagreed with them! These steps will be a good beginning to sorting out your relational difficulties.

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