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Mars in Leo

The Lion Roars

Kelli Fox

You have so many wonderful qualities to offer: pride, leadership, strength, ardor. Why, then, do you get offended so very easily when someone says something against you? Your quick overreaction to challenges and criticisms suggests that maybe you're not quite as confident as you pretend to be.

More than one previous partner has said that you're defensive, and that you can't take a joke or even recognize one. Which, of course, makes it all the more tempting to play jokes on you! Why not, when the results are so satisfying?Lighten up, and you'll have just as much fun as the next guy. Don't let them get under your skin; it's really not worth it. Criticisms are often honest statements of your lover's point of view, rather than the purposely hurtful barbs that you perceive them to be. As far as jokes go, you can deflect them with humor of your own -- but not at anyone else's expense, of course; you know how much that hurts! Next time, choose a lover who's not such a jokester, but one who will appreciate your many fine characteristics without feeling compelled to make fun of them. They will be amply rewarded with the fine love that you shower down on them.

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