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Mars in Gemini

High-Strung and Lighthearted

Kelli Fox

What did your past lovers have a problem with? Well, for starters, you couldn't sit still for more than five minutes. That made dinner-and-a-movie dates quite a challenge.

Then there was your short little span of attention, the one that made it impossible for you to really listen and hear when they were pouring their hearts out to you. Finally, they got annoyed with the way you'd just blurt anything out, anytime, anywhere. It got so they couldn't take you out into public for fear of what you'd say.Is there hope for you? Certainly there is. Not that we're blaming your previous partners, but can't you find someone a little more lighthearted, someone who can bring out your playful side and focus on the fast-thinking, quick-talking person instead of on your deficits? Doing any type of physical activity together is good, so keep the jogging shoes or bike close at hand. Intellectual pursuits work, too, since they keep your mind busy. Your key to more successful relationships is to bring the lighter side to the fore.

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