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Mars in Capricorn

A Tight Cork

Kelli Fox

You may seem cool on the outside, but if only they could see how you're smoldering on the inside! Trouble is, you're so devoted to your material ambitions and efforts to get ahead that you don't pay as much attention to your libido as you could, much to the regret of your former partners. You keep your passion well under wraps, for then it can't distract you, or so you think.

Are you forgetting how strong the drive toward the continuation of the species truly is? It refuses to stay at bay for long.Where does this leave you in the field of romance? Well, for one thing, you might get involved with someone simply to find a release for all those sexual energies you've been stuffing down. Is this the best possible scenario for you? By no means! A far better bet for you is to look for someone who shares your serious side, and yet is not so involved with their work and ambitions that they have no time left for romance. Success in love will require that you strike a balance between the demands of career and the desires of your relationship. Your whole life will go better once you've found this balance.

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