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Mars in Aries


Kelli Fox

You're one hot tamale. Or maybe more like a roman candle, which sparks and sizzles and glows until it suddenly goes out. When you've got your eye on someone you're virtually unstoppable.

You'll pursue, chase, follow. You're bold enough to ask someone for a date who's way out of your league, and you don't get discouraged when they slap you upside the head. If you get knocked down, you get up again, brush yourself off and get right back on that horse.How does all this affect your love life? For better and for worse, as it turns out. For better because, well, bold is beautiful. Your very directness often gets you what you want, because such chutzpah is hard to resist. For worse, because you've blown plenty of people right out of the water with your head-on approach. Not only did you sizzle, you burned. Not everyone is wired to handle that kind of passion! The good thing about you is, you don't let that affect your game. Carry on undaunted till you find the perfect match for your fiery passion.

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