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Mars in Aquarius

An Independent Lover

Kelli Fox

You're a perfect example of the principle that the most important sex organ is the brain. Your very imaginative, slightly kinky side has no doubt turned heads, both toward you and away from you. Previous lovers have had similar notions about fun and sex, so you have quite the eclectic collection of exes, many of whom you remain friends with to this day.

Your capacity to detach with no previous notice has left some former lovers floundering, though, since basically you dumped them without prior warning. Very few people can handle that situation well, so for their sake, stay honest and in the moment if everything is not going swimmingly.Here's another hint, too: Leave your authority issues out of the bedroom. Everyone knows that you don't like being told what to do, but few know how much you enjoy bossing others around! Give it a rest, and focus on finding another person who is as freewheeling and independent as you are. Spend a lot of time talking about sex before you actually do it; believe it or not, this is the best foreplay for you!

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