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Mars conjunct Uranus

You Do What You Want

Kelli Fox

You do what you want, when you want. And you don't particularly care what others think of that! Your passion runs high; lust is the hidden spark that energizes your relationships.

Animal magnetism is a vital factor in choosing your lovers, whether they be short-term or long. But it hasn't been all heated kisses and breathy sighs between you and past lovers, no, indeedy. No sooner did you and your lover climb out of bed than you two were as fractious as a pair of cats: circling each other suspiciously, then pouncing for the kill. Your relationships have been a battle for control. Who has it? Who wants it? Sometimes it even seemed that you had the overt upper hand, and your lover appeared to comply with your wishes. But secretively your sweetie rebelled, doing things that would have curled your hair if only you knew.You'd do best to abandon your habitual attempts to boss your lovers around. Your ideal lover is one who simply won't be caged or pinned down. Stop trying. Instead, just enjoy the interesting (and sometimes insane!) existence you will find with this dear, darling, dizzying mate. Both of you will need your independence like you need air to breathe. Grant your sweetie some and you'll have all the space you crave as well.

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