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Mars conjunct Saturn

Driving With the Brakes On

Kelli Fox

C'mon now, admit it. You're so focused on moving yourself forward in the work-a-day world that you barely have time or energy to think about love. Any tiny scraps of yourself that are left at the end of the day are devoted to keeping mind, body, family and home all functioning at maximum efficiency.

When you do see someone attractive, you find a thousand reasons why they'll never go out with you -- so why bother? Once you do decide you're ready for some love, you approach it like another work project, setting goals and measuring deadlines. That's all find and well at your job, but relationships suffer under such practical demands.They key here is to turn off the inner nay-sayer and release the energetic, fun loving child within. There is a part of you that knows how to goof around and have some fun. Let it live a little. Take a date on a bike ride or a picnic. Go to the beach or do some hiking. Give yourself a break, and you'll be amazed at how you can balance an active love life with worldly ambition. Spending some time in each world improves your ability to be in both of them.

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