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Jupiter quincunx Pluto

A Few Modest Demands

Kelli Fox

Things aren't always what they seem, particularly not in your tricky, difficult love history. On the surface it seemed as if your sweeties all had the upper hand. Your lovers were stingy with affection and attention, leaving you begging for whatever meager amount you got.

Meanwhile, you sat and stewed over what you imagined your mate was up to when you weren't around to watchdog. But if you could have looked into your lovers' souls, you'd have seen a far different picture. In reality, it was you who was in control and held the reins, you who had your lover bewitched. It's just that your lovers were better than you at playing it cool.The key to moving past this rough spot in your relationship M.O.? Stop demanding what you feel is your due, and treat your next date as you'd like to be treated yourself -- with kindness and generosity of spirit. Stop expecting attention and affection; start giving it instead. Given a boost of confidence, your ideal partner won't feel as if control is slipping away, and therefore won't feel the need to grasp you in an emotional headlock. Your vicious circle will be transformed into a tender and sweet clinch. And isn't that what you want, in the end?

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