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Jupiter opposite Uranus

Competitive Freedom-Seeking

Kelli Fox

Certain lovers in your past have knocked you off your pins, and they're the ones you remember most. You're usually the confident one who breezes through life and love with admirable ease. But once in a while you've chosen lovers who excited you so wildly, who set your nerve endings aflame -- but who couldn't be trusted as far as you could throw them.

Your freedom needs are high, but theirs were off the charts. What were they up to anyway? Who were those people who called and left messages? Where was your lover when you weren't around? These questions tickled your brain and, embarrassingly, spilled out of your mouth. You got no reassurance, only detachment. And so you held on tighter, and the cycle continued.Part of the problem might have been in the way you pushed to have everything all nailed down and tied up. You wanted to know your lovers' intentions. But they weren't even sure of those intentions. So why push? You must have learned by now that it gets you nowhere. Why not depend instead on your self-assured side? Moving forward, be a little more mysterious and self-sufficient.

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