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Jupiter in Taurus

Larger Than Life

Kelli Fox

You love your stuff. You know, your furniture, CDs, kitchen gadgets, your favorite coat; all those material possessions that make living so much easier and more fun and pleasurable. While this tendency to accumulate has some good points and other not-so-good points, it's when you start treating people like possessions that you really get into trouble.

Part of you is sure that your lovers have been put on earth for the express purpose of increasing your pleasure. There are times when you've let that part of you rule the roost.The time has come to get a firm grip on that part of you, and the sooner the better. You've plenty to offer your ideal mate, but Certificates of Ownership are not among them! Instead, look for someone who's a little less materialistic than you. One money magnet in the family is enough! Speaking of 'enough,' it would behoove you to become more acquainted with that principle. Possessions unnumbered does not a secure person make: What you don't already have, you don't need. Feeling secure with what you've got will free up much of your energy to devote to your lover, who will love your largesse.

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