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Jupiter in Sagittarius

Over the Top and Loving It

Kelli Fox

Don't you think you're just a bit over the top? If your answer is 'no,' why don't you ask your coworkers and anyone else who often shares your space? They may have a different answer!

The next step is to ask yourself, 'How might this have affected my relationships?' The truthful answer (and you, of all people, love getting down to the truth) is that your past lovers got tired of you telling the same jokes in that loud voice of yours at every party you ever went to. They grew weary of your jovial habit of talking to everyone, everywhere. They didn't see the point of taking the 'scenic route' even when you were very late for an appointment (and even now you're probably exclaiming, 'Me? Late? Surely you jest!').Clearly you need a partner who is tolerant of your little foibles, someone who is just as unorthodox as you are and who truly enjoys your humor and sense of adventure. Perhaps they will come from a different country, or from an entirely different background. If you give each other enough freedom, you'll both feel happy, and they can simply excuse themselves from the room when you start telling that joke again.

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