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Jupiter in Pisces


Kelli Fox

You have a wonderful capacity to see the divine in every person you meet. It's too bad that this ability has so often led you astray, causing you to select lovers who never were able to live up to your idealistic fantasies about them. When you two broke up, you were crushed with disappointment.

What you may not realize is that your lover felt like they could never be good enough for you, so after a while, they stopped trying.You can do better. You're highly sensitive and emotional, and although you don't like looking for faults in anyone, it must become a survival skill if you're to have successful future relationships. It all hinges on your ability to choose potential partners more carefully. Use your intuitive ability to hone out the bad apples, and follow your hunches toward the better ones. Choosing carefully is crucial, since once you are in a relationship, you will usually place your lover before yourself, and will go out of your way to serve them and take care of them. A partner who returns the favor is essential if you don't want to feel resentful sooner or later. You deserve the best; let your heart help you find it.

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  1. Linda sue mullin on February 3, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    Spot on

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