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Jupiter in Libra

Eternal Optimist

Kelli Fox

You need your relationships, all right. You depend on them. Consequently, you're rarely without a partner, and therein may be a problem: You're more desperate to be in a relationship than you are careful about who you're in it with.

You're an optimist with a strong tendency to see whatever you want in a person, and your first impression is often not an accurate reflection of their true self. It's only weeks, months or years later, when they do something mean or nasty, that your eyes are opened wide to the truth. How could you have done this again?Your ability to look on the bright side of things is more a blessing than a curse. You're ultra fair. You always want to do the right thing, which can outweigh the tendency to do the sensible thing. There's something of a judge within you: You gather evidence, you weigh, you balance, and in the end you make a decision based on facts you've considered. This process could work in your relationships, too, if you weren't so antsy to get things underway. When you're starting up with someone new, take your time before making a decision about them. Not everyone is as nice as they seem, and being more cautious initially could save you a lot of heartache later.

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