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Jupiter in Gemini

Head Games

Kelli Fox

Remember when you were in grade school, how you used to love to play not-very-nice jokes on that fussy, sensitive little girl in your class, and she would run out of the room, crying? And how you would laugh and make everyone else laugh, too? The question is, have you outgrown this questionable practice yet?

In the past year or two, have you embarrassed your lover at a party or in a public place? And when they complained, did you shrug your shoulders and say, 'Hey, lighten up, it was only a joke!'? If so, here's a hint for you: Grownups don't behave that way.Here's your problem: You live in your head. You're so busy analyzing (or, more likely, overanalyzing) everything that you forget your own feelings, much less other people's emotions. And romantic relationships cannot go far without some sense of mutual feeling and attraction, and a hint of similar heart vibrations. When your mind is full of grandiose ideas and overarching principles, it's difficult to make room in your heart for the many emotions that relationships can bring up. Don't treat your lover like a dummy, either; explaining everything to them as if they were a child is sure to offend them, and doesn't give them the credit they're due. They can teach you a thing or two as well, mostly about understanding and appreciating your underdeveloped emotional nature.

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