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Jupiter in Capricorn

It's Lonely at the Top

Kelli Fox

In your drive for material security and wealth you have no doubt left some crying hearts out in the cold. By dint of your hard work and effort, you are very likely to achieve your worldly ambitions. But with whom will you share the proceeds of your success?

The whole subject of relationships puts you in quite a pickle. Hook up with someone early on and they'll complain that you're an absentee lover. Hook up after your achieve success, and you'll always wonder if they just want you for your money.What to do?If there is one thing you lack in your life, it is balance. You can counteract the negative effects of too much time at the office with a warm and cuddly relationship at home; but to maintain that relationship, you'll have to work a little less and -- gasp -- take the occasional day (or week) off in order to make time for your honey. It's not all about money, fortune and fame. Think seriously about your priorities and you'll realize: Loved ones come first. When you're old and gray and sitting in your rocker, you won't be remembering all those hours spent at the office. Instead, you'll think back on the love you've had -- and let's hope not the love you lost to workaholism.

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