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Jupiter in Cancer

Pass the Kleenex

Kelli Fox

You're flagrantly sentimental, weeping openly at the cinema, moved to tears by any tale of woe; you're sympathetic to small animals and underprivileged children. Given to bouts of emotionality, you may sit at home dreaming of your ideal relationship, but unwilling to get off the couch to go find it. Other times you may wallow in self-pity, seeking escape in substances that can give only temporary relief, at best.

And your romances? Well, if your partners don't tire of your overemotional expressions, they may grow weary of your unilateral caretaking. You'd be amazed at how others would be willing to take care of you, too, if you'd only give them a chance.You do know how to take care of someone, and if not carried to excess, this is a fine quality to bring to relationships. Strange as it sounds, your problem will be in holding back, not in giving too much. If you find yourself at all resentful (be honest, now!) of your partner, it's time to pull back a little and give them the chance to step up to the plate. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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