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Jupiter in Aquarius

Focus on the Future

Kelli Fox

You eyes are focused far into the future, which means that you miss certain things in the here and now, such as the ways in which your relationships may suffer due to lack of attention on your part. Humanity's greater good is a wonderful cause to devote your energies toward, but there are problems in the present that need your attention, too, such as your lover groveling at your feet for some of your attention. To everything there is a season, and there comes a point when it's appropriate to lay down your mission and be attentive to your immediate environment.

This requires more than simply putting down the latest tome you've been reading. You must switch gears completely and get out of your head, the cerebral my-space in which you're lost so much of the time. True relations require heart and body as well as the mind. Your ideal partner will share your passion for humanity, but will also seek balance by insisting that you spend time doing more mundane and exciting tasks as well. Take care of today properly, and tomorrow will take care of itself.

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