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Venus unaspected

A Well-Connected Couple

Kelli Fox

As a pair, you may be known for your looks: what a handsome couple! By the same token, your mutual wealth or status may be a keynote feature of your relationship, or at least that's the way others see you. Even if your background is humble, together, as a pair, you rise to the top of your environment.

Although you are known as a couple for this quality - being good-looking, rich or influential -- at least one of you often doubts yourself in that area, and the other may be very unaware of some aspect of that area of the relationship. At other times you two may not even notice the responses and reactions that people have to you two when you are together. Even though there is a longing for love, you may question your own ability to love each other authentically. Focus on the connections and similarities you share, instead of the differences.

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