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Venus trine Pluto

The Giving and Receiving of Love

Kelli Fox

Giving and receiving love will come naturally to you as a couple, and you'll both delight in demonstrating your passionate feelings for each other. In fact, the intensity of your attraction and affection for each other will transform both of you, permanently and for the better -- no matter what happens with this relationship in terms of its longevity. This transformation may be noticeable, or it may be subtle; either way, it will be a shift in how you look at the world, and in how you respond to life.

You're likely to find that being together somehow soothes your souls and makes both of you more whole. Your sexual connection will take on a lot of importance, as well, and being physical together will be similarly emotionally overpowering and therapeutic. Having children together is a distinct possibility here, because you'll both want to find ways to physically manifest your love, and children would be a wonderful way to carry on its legacy.

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