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Venus trine Neptune

Great Tenderness and Creativity

Kelli Fox

Spiritually, emotionally and creatively, you two will share an incredibly close, warm and romantic connection. You're likely to idealize each other at these levels; you'll both believe you've found the 'perfect love' in each other, though that, of course, is virtually impossible. Disappointment or disillusionment may be unavoidable, at least in moments, because idealization almost always leads to a fall when reality inevitably intrudes.

But as long as you make the effort to stay at least somewhat grounded together, such as by facing down your problems as a united couple, you should be able to tap into the wonder and magic this influence has to offer. And you really will make each other feel wonderful! Your connection will make both of you tune in more deeply to the beautiful, spiritual side of life. You'll feel your souls uplifted by the love that you'll share, and you'll both work hard to cherish the sense of harmony you feel when you're together. You'll intuit each other's emotional needs to a high degree and you'll work selflessly to meet those needs. Again, if you can stay grounded in other ways, this influence will lend a lot of creativity and subtle passion to your bond.

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