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Venus trine Mars

Emotionally and Sexually Compatible

Kelli Fox

You'll strike a wonderful balance between individuality and partnership, which will make it easy to express yourselves while connecting intimately as a couple. You'll find it easy to be together, and easy enough to be apart. You won't depend on each other for emotional sustenance or energy, which will make it all the more pleasurable when you're together, making each other feel like the most special person in the world.

Even though there will be a lot of affection and passion between you, you won't lose yourselves in each other or in the relationship. Instead, you'll express and act on your feelings for each other while also honoring your own needs, feelings and ambitions. Your sexual connection will be very easy and natural; being in each other's arms will feel wonderful -- fun, intimate, exciting and relaxing all at once. If other indications point to a happy, committed affair, this one will help to ensure that your connection is always strong and positive for both of you. Beyond sensual and sexual pleasures, it will increase the feeling of friendship between you. You'll show each other a lot of affection and warmth, and your ego energies will be in balance with the demands of the relationship.

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