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Venus trine Jupiter

Warm Affection and Positive Thoughts

Kelli Fox

You'll share strong, warm and affectionate feelings for each other. Whatever else may characterize your relationship, you'll just really, really like each other. When you're together, you'll both smile a lot, and your friends will notice that you both seem a lot happier when you're in the same room.

You're likely to idealize each other and the relationship, but while idealization can often lead to disillusionment later, in this case, it will work to enhance your mutual optimism about your shared future. And positive thinking creates positive outcomes; in effect, the confidence and hope you inspire in each other are likely to create the very sort of relationship you've both dreamed about. You'll bring out the best in each other, also as a result of this positivity. You'll both want to bring as much sweetness and harmony to the union as you can, because you'll get so much out of the relationship. Just don't be afraid to disturb the peace from time to time, when necessary. The level of harmony you'll enjoy together will be wonderful, but when issues crop up -- which is inevitable for any relationship -- it won't serve either of you to avoid the problem for the sake of keeping the peace.

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