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Venus square Uranus

Expect the Unexpected

Kelli Fox

About the only thing you can expect from this relationship is that it will be unconventional in some noticeable, important way. This influence between you will increase your feelings of restlessness and your mutual need for freedom, as well as any inherent instability in the relationship. This connection might become intense fast and then end even more suddenly; alternatively, it might defy convention in some way, especially if you try to make it conform to any type of traditional path such as marriage, moving in together and the like.

It's possible for an influence like this to be outweighed by other harmonizing, uniting influences in your composite chart, but on its own, it indicates a short-lived, unstable, even erratic love connection. You may both desire a commitment and a warm, steady connection, but either your rapidly changing feelings or outside factors will make that difficult, if not impossible. Look at the other aspects in your composite chart to gain a more complete picture of the overall potential of your relationship; that will let you know how much of an effect this particular influence will have on you as a couple.

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  1. JSF on January 5, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    I had this going both ways in a chart with someone. Other aspects were very harmonious. We were from two different countries, and there was no choice but to retreat to our separate continents. What a bummer.

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