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Venus square Saturn

Difficulty Connecting

Kelli Fox

This aspect could really make it difficult for you two to be together in the passionate, affectionate way that you'll both desire. It might be that outside circumstances -- living in separate cities, perhaps, or having schedules that are just too different -- will keep you from making it happen, or it might just be that the problems you'll encounter as a couple will be too difficult to surmount and find happiness together. But however this restrictive energy manifests between you, it will result in a general, overall feeling that you just can't connect in the way that you'd like, no matter what either of you tries to do to bridge the gap.

This doesn't have to spell the failure of the relationship, though. It may just mean that you'll both have to accept that your connection won't ever be exactly what you want it to be. If you can accept this, then you can wait and see what does develop between you -- which might be something different from what you originally envisioned, but equally satisfying. In fact, giving up any and all expectations may be the best way to make this relationship work out long-term.

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