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Venus square Pluto

An Intense, Obsessive Connection

Kelli Fox

Power struggles, control and domination will all be themes of this love affair. You'll feel very much under your partner's sway, as if they hold a certain kind of power over you that you can neither resist nor deny. Especially if you've never felt this way before, you may allow the intensity of your relationship to take center stage in your life, which could have some challenging consequences.

It may be all too easy to use physical or emotional affection -- or withholding that affection -- as a manipulative tool to control your lover. Things could potentially even degenerate between you to the point that you'll feel bound to or even obsessed with each other, despite some very real feelings of resentment and deprivation. There's plenty of positive potential between you, too, however, which you can choose to tap into. The intensity of your emotional connection could lead to incredible experiences of love and togetherness; this relationship could change each of you for the better. But you'll have to focus consciously on the positive parts of your bond, and be careful to avoid the negative parts by refusing to take part in any game playing or power struggles.

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