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Venus square Neptune

Don't Expect Perfection

Kelli Fox

As wonderful as this relationship may seem in the beginning, it could easily lead to disappointment if you aren't both careful to view it realistically. There will be a strong tendency here to idealize one another and place each other on a pedestal -- one that would be impossible to live up to in real life. Still, you could both believe you've met your ideal lover, the very person you've been dreaming of and longing for all your life.

Of course, your dream lover is little more than a figment of your imagination, while your real-life lover will be a very real person, someone with flaws and unexpected weaknesses. Try to keep in mind that things aren't as perfect between you as you'll initially believe them to be. You'll inevitably run into problems with one another, and you may not always be able to sustain the incredible tenderness and sensitivity that you'll show each other in moments. Even if you believe you share an intimate connection on many levels, you'll still experience the occasional communication breakdown; you'll still hurt each other's feelings from time to time. Give each other some leeway to be the real people you are rather than expecting perfection. That way, this relationship will come even closer to bliss than you've already imagined.

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