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Venus square Jupiter

A Tendency to Overindulge

Kelli Fox

Together you'll focus on beauty and pleasure, and you'll do what it takes to fill your shared life with these things. You'll love going out together for an expensive, lavish meal, or visiting an art gallery to find pieces you want to take home with you. You could easily spend a lot of money when you're together, because you'll both want to indulge yourselves and neither one of you will be the voice of reason -- 'No, honey, we can't afford that.' Instead, you'll both be the voice of indulgence: 'You want that?

Then you should have it. Put it on the credit card!' If you end up living together, you'll put a lot of thought and money into making your home a beautiful, comfortable place to hang out. Inviting friends over to enjoy your riches will be one of your favorite pastimes -- almost as fun as going out on the town and gobbling up all the social and culinary pleasures life has to offer. Clearly, this influence will be a fun one, but you'll have to be very careful about overindulging or using up all your financial resources on nonessential items. Sure, it's more fun to cut out of work early for a day at the lake than to put in extra hours at the office, but those bills are going to have to be paid somehow.

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