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Venus square Juno

You'll Need to Compromise

Kelli Fox

At times you'll find it difficult to get along and keep the peace, because your mutual partnership needs are at odds with your shared values as well as with the natural way you'll express affection for each other. You'll have to put real effort into making compromises, because cooperation won't come easily to you as a couple, especially in matters related to money, values or your relationship itself. Furthermore, when you're upset with each other, you'll have a hard time remembering why you're together and what you love about each other.

Still, this tricky energy also offers you an important growth opportunity. If you can remember to keep giving one another affection and support even when you're embroiled in an argument, you'll both benefit. Also, make a conscious effort to work out your disagreements in a mutually satisfying way instead of becoming stubborn and insistent on having your own way. Learning to compromise and work together will be important lessons for you both, ones that will improve your connection as a whole.

Venus square Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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